March 3, 2011


ok so first I don't really have anything to do on Thursday nights but every other Thursday night I have drama.  usually I am totally busy but not tonight :D. Any way so today i was doing so much school that I couldn't even remember what day it was.  Not kiding I was talking to my mom and I could not think of what day it was, I went through every day and could not figure it out. I wasn't acually doing that much stuff but it took for ever and this week are our third quarter test and so extra studing but lucky us we dont have much else to do but study and catchup unless we dont have a test in that class like art. 



  1. I was the complete opposite today! I sat around on my bed from about 9 to 5 (not including getting up for lunch), and I eventually got around to STARTING school at 5. :)

    At least you are actually doing your school, unlike some people I know.. *ahem* ME! ;)

  2. Bahaha! You crack me up. Well... all day today I've been thinking that it was friday. But that was yesterday. =]