March 12, 2011

The Challenge

So my older sister Kaylee, over at soaringonmusicalwings, challenged me to a book reading contest to see who could read a book the fasted. So Kaylee and I have decided to challenge each other one time each month.  We will put each other to the test in many random things.  We like to call this:

So here is how it works.  Each month we will choose something random that we will challenge each other to do.  Whoever, does the challenge first WINS!!!  There will be no prize only bragging rights!!  The first Challenge is.....

The Reading Challenge

This challenge began when Whitney claimed she could read a book faster then I could.  Since I am the older sister I am CLEARLY the one who can read faster so I challenged her to a reading challenge.

The Rules:  Since we are homeschooled we decided that we are not allowed to start reading the book until after three thirty, except for on weekends, that way we get our school done before we begin.  We have to keep you updated and then write what we thought about the book on our blog.  

We need YOU to leave comments with one of your favorite books.  After one week we will pick the book we want to read and BEGIN!!!! 

Don't forget to comment!!!


  1. Okay, so I commented on Kaylee's, but I thought I would comment on yours too :)

    I would say Harry Potter, but y'all aren't allowed to read those... so Defiantly The Giver. Best. Book. Ever. (after Harry Potter) {No, I am not obsessed.}


  2. well I can when I get my math done :) Thank you Megan