March 7, 2011


So this week are third quarter test :( not fun, and that means that this week so far has been studying doing any extra work that needs to be done this week and lot more studying.  Studying just makes me SO tired and its SO boring.  I haven't actually fallen asleep while studying or doing any other kind of school work yet but my sisters have and when they did some classes that they didn't think were that entrusting when they were doing the homework and so far i haven't had that boring of  classes yet and i am hoping that i wont. 


I just noticed that all of my post so far have been about school except the one about me.  I am not a homeschooler who does school all the time but whenever i am doing school i decide to post and then all i can think about is school so i post about school. and another reason is because i haven't really hangout with my friends that much this week.


  1. Poor girl!

    HaHa... you could post about your cats? Or your chocolate business? :)