December 6, 2011

hello dear friends (of my friend)

Hello lovelies. Since I obviously like hacking whitney's blog, I have returned. Those of you who have been readers since I last installed a design for whit, probably already know who I am. I'm Megan Kristine; blogger over at Borderless. Whitney recently brought my excitement up after posting about returning to blogging. (I get happy when my friends post, as you might have figured out on your own.) Whitney, upon her return, asked me to redesign her blog for a more christmas-y look. Lovely new design, no?

Whitney is a very amazing person. She's funny and loves whispering jokes to me during class. We were both quite quiet when we first met each other; however, we're now a crazy pair of girls -- especially when matched with Melissa. At school you will often always see us together. Just because Whitney is one month older and a good few inches taller doesn't mean I don't put up a good fight (because, you know, I read HTML. Fluently.) She's a wonderful friend, creative teenager, and great aspiring photographer. The fact that she is a fellow novel writer and lets me give her crazy names for evil worlds in her story (that make us laugh every time we hear them) is merely an added bonus. Yeah, Whitney's pretty cool.

let whit know how you like the design, and of course how awesome she is.
see you 'round the blogging world.

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  1. Ok so first just to let everyone know I am not a bad student. I listen to the teacher and that is what brings on the jokes. Megan also does the joke telling sometimes so its not just me. Second Megan does put up a good fight with her reading of HTML fluently and much more. I get a lot of ideas from Megan for books as she pointed out in the post. Megan is a very talented, crazy, and amazing girl and friend.