April 19, 2011

Because I'm just an awesome hacker like that

Hello, this is one of Widgy's real life bff's (who is also a blogger over at Me. {that's all I have to be}) and I just hacked Whit's account to give her a new design. Maybe this will make her post more often ;)

Let whitney know how awesome she is by clicking 'follow' and commenting.
Don't forget about the new button!

ta-ta for now,


  1. Awesome! Loving the new look! :)

  2. Hello! Due to the fact that blogger hates me, I have moved my blog to wordpress. Just thought you should know since you follow my blog! Didn't want to think I stop posted and left the blogger world!


    -Marissa from outside the lines

  3. Hello, Thank you so much for stoping by our blog:) I like your new look your friend did a great job! That was very sweet of her:)

    Blessings, Amanda