January 12, 2012


I have been waiting for snow since the beginning of winter.  We did get a little bit but it always left right away.  Now however,  we have snow and it is really cold so it will not go away for a while. 

These pictures are not the best because they were taken from inside.  I didn't want to freeze.

I had the camera on the wrong setting for a little so that is why it looks blue.



  1. Fantastic pictures! We haven't really had snow yet, just little drizzles here and there. The weather is really weird this year, sometimes it's freezing and other times it's like fall all over again!


  2. I'm a little jealous of your snow. We've had a mild winter so far, which is good in many ways (no slippery roads, etc). But I love at least one big snow each year :) Alas! These pics are so pretty. You're a great photographer!

  3. wow, so much snow! I love the last picture--lovely blog!