July 9, 2011


So, did everyone have a good 4th of July?  I know I did.  first with my 3 sisters, Melissa, (yes the one and only from living bold) and one of our other friends went and panted someones garage. Then we went to Melissa's house and had some lunch...And watched as a frog jumped off of Melissa's head...Ah good times :)  Then we went home.  Then later that evening we went to our church ate and played some games with everyone.  Then of course we went to watch fireworks.  Sorry I don't have any pictures. 

I'm sure everyone knows that if you do stuff with a happy heart you will always have more fun. Well it is even true with mowing. This year I started mowing with the riding mower. The first time I mowed I had so much fun because it is so much better then the push mower.  I have mowed with the rider 3 or 4 times now and every time I have had fun but the last time I almost didn't.  I was right in the middle of a book and Kaylee asked me to go mow or help clean the house. Well me, I would rather go outside then clean so I decided to mow.  I wasn't very happy with it but I knew that if I didn't Kaylee would get mad at me.  I went up stairs to put suntan lotion on and decided that maybe if I have a happy heart again it won't be so bad.  I went outside ready to mow with a happy heart.  After a little while I decided that I wanted some music so I was trying to dance and singing as loud as I could with my MP3.  Turns  out I had a lot of fun.  So if you do stuff with a happy heart it will be fun.

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